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Record Your Voice Like A Pro- Preparing To Record with Brett Manning

I don’t know about you, but am I the only who find it hard to record a song rather than singing it live? I like how Brett explained on you can record your voice with ease. Hear it here:

They key here is to start singing or warming up in your comfort zone, don’t go immediately singing those hard songs with high notes because it can really damaged your vocal cords and it can cause you to strain and pull up.

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In other word relax and take your time. Stretch out a little bit, run, do some pumping exercise and get your body and voice into shape so you can record your voice like pro and without you struggling or getting frustrated.

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How to Hit High Notes And Advance Mix Workout With Shelby Rollins

Everyone wants to hit those high notes, but this takes work. If you are struggling with hitting the high notes all the time then you should totally get a vocal coach to help you and teach you how to hit those high notes correctly without straining your voice.

Listen as Shelby Rollins explains and warms up Caitlyn Williams to reach those high notes with no strings attached:

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If you listen closely to Caitlyn when she was doing the lip rolls, her tone was consistent and everything sounded even. This is exactly what you want to sound like when you do this exercise. This is why we need a vocal to really help and guide through our exercises.

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If you don’t have Brett Manning’s Mastering Mix then you should totally have one right now. Working out with the Mastering Mix is slightly different from the Singing Success Cd’s because it focuses mainly on your mix. It’s good to have both.

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Singing Success is going to jump-start you and it sets you a good foundation when you sing while the Mastering mix is going to help you with your mix. I like the Mastering Mix because it has vocal workouts that are going to strengthen both your chest voice and head voice.

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How to improve your voice- Breathing In Singing Part 1

This is one the most talked about singing issues, and that is the proper breathing in singing. This is the part of singing to where we all should workout. If you don’t know how to properly breathe when you sing your tone is not going to sound good and you’ll have this weak airy sound.

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It is better that this should be corrected during your learning process. Listen as Brett Manning Teaches you some of the breathing in singing exercises that is surely going to help you.

Try out the entire breathing workout Brett executed, and use it daily. It sounds complicated and hard to do at first, but in time when you get used to it, it’ll become a part of you, and it’ll turn in to a habit that you will naturally do.

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These are such a fun breathing exercises that anyone can do. In Brett Manning’s Singing Success Cd’s, he has a session there where he talks about breathing. If you go to their site James Wigginton , one of Brett Manning’s associates has a Pro singer warm up cd’s to where he has morning warm ups made for the males and the females, which of course includes the breathing exercises.

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Pro Singer’s Warm Up Product Page

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Singing Success On Vocal Habits With Jeff Mathena

Everyone has singing habits, it may be good or bad. Jeff talks about how you can correct your singing and overcoming the weaknesses in your voice by creating good vocal habits.

So here is the thing, firstly analyze the parts in your voice that you are struggling with. If you have a weak head voice then find vocal exercises that you can do without the piano and do it throughout the day.

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So by the time when it comes for you to sing or to do any vocal warm up it would be a lot easier for you to do because it is already embedded in your mind.

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If you develop these good vocal habits will have no problem in your singing. It would as easy as pie for you. Plus, it wouldn’t be such drag for you when you try to warm up on a song and you have to still work and put it more time on that part of your voice that needs attention.

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Vocal Damage And Vocal Warm Ups For Allergies With Shelby Rollins Brett Manning Singing Success

I can totally relate to this subject. When you have allergies, or when you’ve just copied up, or even just coping up with a cold and a cough, you must never force your voice to do something or strain it with hard core vocal workout because it’s not going to help you recover.

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As you’ve heard she has suffered from a vocal damage because of that. If you have just been recovering from a cold and cough then go easy with your voice. Do the exercises that they did.

There was once a time in my life to where I was very sick, but I still had to sing. The song has definitely some has high notes, and I was forcing myself to reach it. I performed well, but then I just noticed that my voice was worn out and strained.

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So I just went on and did some vocal exercises, I also notice that time that it was hard for me to do my regular vocal warm ups that I used to do every day because I feel like I have no control over my voice.

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By watching the exercise they did, made me realize that if you are undergoing this issue it’s ok to a break or sounding wimpy at this time because that is something you have to go through in your recovery stage.

What I did before is I rested for almost a month I didn’t do hard songs, I vocalize in a moderate mode. Also, I didn’t force myself to vocalize every day. I let my voice heal and build up back my range. It felt like I was starting all over again, but it was worth it.

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That is why it is safe and ideal to get a vocal coach like Shelby Rollins, Brett Manning, Jesse Nemitz, Jason Catron, Jeff Mathena and his associates because they are indeed there to help you with this issue. Save your voice from a lot of damage and confusion.

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Vocal Warm Up For Allergies By Shelby Rollins- Brett Manning Singing Success

Every singer probably gets sick or suffers from allergies in some point of their lives, especially if you are touring and the weather is just unbearable. It’s always great that there is a vocal warm up for people who have allergies because not working out your voice and being lazy is going to take you a lot of work when you recover.

Listen as Shelby teaches Ande Alvarez how to do a simple vocal warm up for her allergies:

In here you will hear that as they warm up, the voice is not pushed, and they are not trying to sound good. You always want to be in a position to where you are relaxed and just let the voice go where it wants to go.

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Ignore when you hear the cracks it’s all part of it, it’s a process that you have to go through. I like how they used the “NG” exercise for this. It is much lighter and easier to do than making big loud sounds. This also a good vocal exercise to get more cord closure if you have allergies.

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How To Find Your Vibrato- Jeff Mathena-Brett Manning Singing Success

To everyone who is still struggling to find their vibrato’s try out this singing tip that Jeff Mathena shared:

This is one effective way to get your vibrato up and going. For some people vibrato for them is a lot easier to develop, and to some it’s going to be quite a challenge.

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If you are still struggling with your vibrato then Brett Manning has vocal lessons called Mastering Vibrato. That cd has all the exercises you need to find your vibrato.

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It is very ideal to have vibrato n your voice because it’ll save your voice from a lot of stress and vocal damage. Plus, it adds up life to your singing.

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How To Fix A Strained Voice- Jason Catron with Brett Manning Singing Success

Every singer has probably undergone straining in their voices in some parts of their singing career. A strained voice if not correct can be hard to correct in the future if this becomes a habit to you. Don’t worry there is a remedy to it.

Listen as Jason Catron teaches you how to get rid of your strained voice:

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The thing sometimes with us singers is that we tend to anticipate every time we go up to a high note. It’s like you are preparing for it. Don’t get me wrong it is OK to prepare yourself on hitting that high note, but the difference is sometimes is the knowing part.

It’s like knowing and trusting your voice that it will blend and thus you get the freedom you need. If you don’t trust your voice to blend, or allow your chest voice to blend with your head voice, or even just give that freedom it needs then you’d surely hold back, and guess what? You’ll surely strain.

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Instead of letting your voice out, you are withholding the sound to yourself. Set your mind free from being afraid of breaks, or not hitting that high note. When you’re nervous sometimes your chords starts to tighten up, but always keep in mind to stay relax and enjoy your singing.

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Every time you encounter a high note do not hesitate and don’t hold back, set your voice free. If you don’t have Brett Manning’s Singing Success, then I suggest you get a hold of it. It sets a good foundation on your voice on how it’s supposed to function when singing.

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How To Increase Vocal Range With Jason Catron- Brett Manning Singing Success

This topic is probably the most raged subjects in the singing world. Everyone always wants to know the secret of the famous question, how to increase your vocal range. If you are struggling to increase your range then listen as Jason Catron explains how you can extend your range.

As he said, your chest voice has to lessen and you must lean on to your head voice as you sing higher. It’s all about balancing both voices. You can’t be too heady and just sing on your head voice because by then you’ll need that little bit of extra fullness in your voice.

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This is why we need to master our mix voice as well. If you have Brett’s Mastering Mix then there are a lot of exercises to help you get to your mix easily, especially in the morning.

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How To Get Rid Of Straining Voice- Shelby Rollins Singing Success

Probably or most of the untrained singers has gone to this straining voice problem stage. It usually happens if you are about hit that high note, and you feel that squeeze and grip on your throat like the notes are suppressed and your sound is just muffled and it can’t get out.

The feeling of struggling reaching for a high note has indeed a solution for it. Listen as Shelby Rollins Addresses this issue:

She explains that instead of singing or belting the high note why not talk it when you are in your practice session. Remove the pressure off yourself and find that spot to where you can easily connect your voice.

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It’s your voice so you must know how it functions. This is the kind of mindset we should ingrain in our minds because it is helpful to save you from vocal damage that is caused by straining and too much pushing of your voice.

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Let us sing smarter and not harder! It would be great to learn how to sing with ease and fun. I highly recommend getting Brett Manning’s Singing Success or Mastering Mix, if you can’t afford taking singing lessons. It is going to help your voice reach its full potential and to finally get rid of the straining voice dilemma.

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